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The Joy Of SOL's

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May. 17th, 2005 | 08:44 am
mood: blah blah
what i'm listening to: Lonely- Akon

It's not even 9am yet, and I am finished w/ my first SOL of the week. It was English, and that probably was one of the most boring and easiest one yet. I have US/VA History SOL Thursday, and I know that its going to be one of the hardest ones to take. Oh well, if I dont pass it, I still have next year to pass it.. But I'm pretty sure I will.
Anyway... So the newest update on wuts goin on is pretty blah. My life is boring as usual. Choir auditions went pretty well. I made the highest standing choir, which is Chamber Singers. And I didnt make the mixed show choir, but I will be in the after school all girls show choir. I will still perform at the regular concerts and stuff, so that will be kewl. Besides all that, SOL's, and finals are guna be taking a lot of energy. Plus I got the job @ the Cub Run Rec Center that I wanted. I got certified in Lifeguarding on Saturday, and I pretty much start work tonight. We have In-Service training and its from 6-8pm. I guess I will have to hurry home to watch American Idol. But anyway. The rec center opens Sunday, and that will be a very hectic day I'm sure. But hey, at least I'm gettin paid for bein there!
Ok, new subject now... Boys... I'm sorry to say that there are no new guys in my life. Chazz is out of the picture for good now, and that is a chapter that I was happy to end. I'm moving on w/ my life, and focussing on more important things like working, finishing school, gettin a car, driving, and enjoying my time as a teenager before I grow up and live my own scary adult life. I'm kinda looking forward to dating new guys. But I am not quite ready to settle down in a relationship yet. I mean I want to, but I know I'm not ready for that. And I'm sure if I started dating a guy, and things got too serious, my close friends would kirk out on me, and they don't need the stress and neither do I.
So yeah.. That's all for now.. If I have any updates I will be sure to write them down later on.. Until next time...
Much love to you all!! XOXO

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