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Angell Fallen From Heaven

Crazie Randomness

4 March
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I'm your average teenager, who does the normal teenage things. I'm 17 and I am a Junior @ Westfield HS. I love singing and dancing, and I totally kick-ass @ both. My life revolves around my friends,family, and music. I plan to do something interesting w/ my life after I graduate hs, I'm not quite sure what yet, but hopefully when I'm a senior I know what I'll wanna do after graduating and what to major in college. Hopefully it will be something w/ music b/c that is basically my life outside of the family and friends. I love taking care of my nephew's Austin and Phoenix, and my newest addition to the family Austin's sister (my niece) Gwynneth. I love babysitting them as much as I can. Anyway.. thats just a little bit about me and my life.